Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks for tuning in this week! Tune in next week for a special ticket giveaway for
a band I just bet you fancy. hmm, who could it be? 
[hint: 2 words. first word, first letter..M; second word, first letter..U]

PLAYLIST FOR 11.10.10 
Wolf People- Tiny Circle- Steeple 
Konono No 1- Wumbangzanga- Assume Crash Position 
Stereolab- Sun Demon- Sun Demon 
Violens- Violent Sensation Descends-Amoral
Lissie- Bully- Catching A Tiger  
Afrocubism- Djelimady Rumba-Afrocubism  
Junip- In Every Direction- Fields 
Grinderman- Palaces Of Montezuma- Grinderman 2
Sufjan Stevens-The Age of Adz- The Age of Adz  
Thee Oh Sees- The Sun Goes All Around- Dog Poison 
Os Mutantes- A Minha Menina- Everything is Possible! The Best of Os Mutantes 
Les Savy Sav- Let's Get Out of Here- Root For Ruin 
Crocodiles- Sleep Forever- Sleep Forever  
The Tallest Man On Earth- The Dreamer- Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird EP 
Tinariwen- Cler Achel-Aman Iman: Water Is Life
Miniature Tigers- Gold Skull-Fortress

Mercedes Sosa- Gracias A La Vida- Exitos Eternos

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